“ The gods only go with you if you put yourself in their Path. And that takes courage. ”

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with Arthurian lore and in particular the bastard son of a Welsh princess, Myrddin Emrys… or later known as the masterful wizard “Merlin”.   You will see evidence of my obsession through out this website.

For those too young, or old as far as that goes, that have not been exposed to the mysteries of the “Merlin” legend I have included “MerlinLinks”, a webpage of links to other more extensive studies of “Merlin”.  In addition, throughout the site I will sprinkle “Merlin” history, myth and magic.

Special Acknowledgement….

Several pages of this site are dedicated to building the “MerlinBike”.   Thanks to master builder, friend and riding partner, Steve Slabey, the magic of “Merlin” was rekindled in the year 2005.   After countless hours of listening and planning, Steve, much like “Merlin”, took the Fervent Dream from the depths of my mind and soul, imparted his endless talents and secrets of design and created the “MerlinBike”, which by all accounts when viewed and ridden can only be described as “Pure Magic”. 

Thank you Steve...... Thank you Friend.

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